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Still.... a Love Letter to a New Year


I've been quiet, you could say... a forced sabbatical.

I've been taking some time to rest, clear out, clean, restore. I think the not working was actually harder than I thought it would be, not staying connecting with all of you.

The quiet has served me though. In the stillness I've been able to hear my own thoughts again. Connect with the people that reflect to me the truth of who I am and the things that endure in there importance and meaning in my life.

I've been able to write, pray, sleep, listen, dream and heal..... I've been able to set sights on the future and give thanks for the past, all in the quietest, most angsty and truthful way.

All these things open me....there is a new day coming. It feels as though its more than a new year but a whole new cycle and we are just at the beginning.

I've watched many people put a close on long coming chapters and excitedly step with amazement as the invitation of a new beginning arises. Many of you are starting anew and its so beautiful to see!

Still, there is a 'here-ness' to this moment. Right here at the pinnacle. In this place there are two sides, both the past that is remembered for its lessons and value; and the future that is revered for its promise and potential. Like standing on a mountain peak. You can't get to the top without the journey you just took but you can't move on without taking the next, first step.

For the next couple of days, I will continue to enjoy the view, right here in the middle space, soon to re-enter the stream with you. I'm looking forward to meeting you there and all the amazing arrivals that soon will come, both yours and mine.


Shanti Yoga Practice


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