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Presently, the Body of Metaphor manual  is only available for those currently enrolled in one of the 20hr, 200hr or 300hr trainings in which I'm teachingt. Please indicate which training your currently taking in the comments section at purchase. For more info on where to find me and a list of my trainings offering the Body of Metaphor Anatomy module visit the 'practice' section of this website. 

The Body of Metaphor© Teacher Training manual is a relevant and descriptive journey into anatomy and kinesiology for yoga teachers. Shared through the arch and lens of a yogi herself, Shanti's in-depth inquiry and study of yoga asana and its mechanics has lead her to the art of asking and answering the question, "Yes, but why?" 

Shanti is dedicated to moving past dogma; and it is this fierce tenacity that has led her to study with the world's most respected teachers in the art and science of asana, kinesiology, neuromuscular adaptation, neuroscience and nervous system response. 

As a Yoga Therapist and practitioner for over 20 years, Shanti's experience in inviting others into the powerful practice of structural insight and relevant understanding, imparts to the student a sense of ownership in practice and mastery in teaching. The transformational outcome of inquiry, leads one to step more fully into not just doing but knowing why they are doing This is a book on empowerment, told through the language and intersect of science meeting metaphor. Its specific, spiritual and is the language of the body, told by a yogi for the yogi. May it serve to empower a life long habit of practice. 

"Yoga is the Art arising at the intersection of Mind, Body

and Soul."  ~ shanti

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