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2019 Mentorship for

teachers and serious students


I love this picture because it speaks to what is a deeply personal relationship with trust and love, both given and received. What you see (here) is a safe space to fall behind, to let go and to open up into deeper aspect of what is our own greatest story.

Mentorships are not always easy, that's not the requirement, but they are filled with Depth, Generosity and Meaning (at least this one is). In the safety of a trusted guide we grow, become willing; seeing in a new and different way and transform. I hope your will join me for this sacred journey into Mastery. 


The investment is $575 early bird and $625 after Sept 26th; which includes the Body of Metaphor Manual and both workshops. Non-refundable Deposit of $100 is due with Application to hold your spot.


To apply click this link for the Application:

I'm ready to fly! Sign me up!  

Join Shanti for a 3-month mentorship into mastery
October 1 – Dec 31, 2019 

In Sanskrit, Turiya means Integration and is often associated with the final syllable of silence after the AUM.  


In this training, we will explore Mastery from the perspective of Classical yoga. Through the lens of the Yoga Sutras, Bhagavad Gita and Meditation we will explore the process of Integration, not only from the perspective of what it means to be a teacher but what it means to live from the center of our own integrated heart. This mentorship will have strong components of stepping forward into clarity and authority on each level of teaching; from anatomy, asana and sequencing, to self-inquiry and depth in owning the power of one’s true life message.  This deepening and the capacity that arises, gives our teaching potency and our interactions the resonance of meaning. I hope you will join me for this journey.


This training is organized around a series of bi-monthly meetings, 2 workshops and on-line discuss:  Within the Turiya Mentorship we will:

  • Explore the practice of Sadhana, Asana as a Transformative Practice

  • Learn and discuss Yoga Anatomy and the Art of Kinetic Sequencing

  • Discuss and integrate readings from the Bhagavad Gita and the Yoga Sutras

  • Expand our Inner Inquiry to hone and refine our most deeply held and transformative Personal Message

  • Learn and Practice Meditation, Sanskrit and Mantra

  • As well as insights into Yoga Therapeutics, Neuroscience of Meditation and Yoga Nidra. 

All classes will be available On-line. This course is approved as an Online curriculum provider. 

Dates for training are:               Additional Workshops: 

       Sept 30th                     Psychology of Yoga, December 8th          

      October 14th                Grace and Ganesha, December 31st

      October 28th

      Nov 18th

      December 2nd

      December 9th

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