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Public Class Schedule

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   *  Shanti has recently relocated from Texas back to California. She is currently looking for her new Yoga Home in beautiful Southern California! Stay tuned for 2023 Public Class schedule.


In the meantime, you can reach out to her anytime for trainings, mentorship calls or Yoga Therapy sessions. Looking forward to seeing you soon! Happy 2023! 


Monday:    8:45a Vinyasa : Equinox

Monday:    1:15p Vinyasa + Meditation : Wanderlust

Tuesday:    12p  Smartflow Vinyasa :     Practice

Tuesday:    4p  Intermediate Vinyasa :   Wanderlust

Wednesday: 12:15p Vinyasa : Equinox

Wednesday: 6:30p Intermediate Vinyasa : Wanderlust

Thursday:   6p L2/3 Vinyasa :               Practice

Friday:       Yoga Therapy/Private Hours

Saturday:   10:30a All Level Vinyasa :    Practice


For more information on Yoga Therapy or to Book a session contact me at

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Practice and All is Coming. Pattabhi Jois

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