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Metamorphosis 🦋

Seems like I've heard a lot about metamorphosis lately. Maybe not even in so many words but in the rising events of a community aware.

The word and symbol represents 'the changing', completely from one state to another. In this way, it's more than even a newway of being, but rather a completely new Being. 

I've heard this movement in the quiet sorrow of loss and grief that had too many casualties to be coincidence and more closely resembled a universal 'clearing out'. 

I heard it in the theme of this years Burning Man. Although I didn't attend, the report was that its name did not disappoint. 

And I've heard it within the community, baring the seemingly unrelenting changes and allowing it to sweep clear for the new iteration of what is yet to come. 

Ironically, this awareness is what both pains and encourages. Awareness opens us to allowing the

experience, to soften into feeling fully, down to every cell so that we may see what is there to transform, to open. Allowing is what yoga promises. It doesn't promise that life will be easy or that challenge won't come. As a matter of fact, its promise is in the steadiness that change will come and through the practice we will have the tools to embrace it; fully, wholeheartedly and (if done rightly) without question. 

The good news is that what is opening is the greater insight into what is always already there; a deeper knowing, a new agreement to honor a truer sense of Self, a humbleness or settledness, a sense of peace and noncombativeness with the truth of reality. 

However it shows up for you. 

Be That Well. 

~ Shanti


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