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Welcome to the Fall Nourishing Cleanse

Ignite your Power, Nourish your Light

and set yourself up for health, wellness and radiance for the coming season

The 10 day Nourshing Cleanse is intended to nourish, nurture, revive and restore the light of a system heavy or burnt-out by the heat and doing of summer. 


Yoga knows that we are a “whole system” and looks at wellness as a state of balance. Over the next 10 Days you will receive a nourishing food plan and recommendations you support the body in slowing cleansing pitta (heat) and sluggishness from the body. You will also receive daily inspirations, meditations and nourish practices to clear the energetic, emotional and mental bodies as well. Please only do what feels nurturing to you. This offerings are meant as suggestion and not intended to ‘add more to your plate’. 


This physical, mental and emotional detox will be based partially on Ayurveda and partially on the healing methodology of Naturopathy. 


Ayurveda says, a balanced light burns, clear and luminous and transforms our experiences into what is useful and discards what is not.  When we are out of balance it can feel that the flame has overtaken and we are left feeling, ‘fried’, burnt-out, agitated, ferocious (as in appetite) and eruptive (often seen in attitude and skin irritation). These feelings are all signs of being out of balance and the best way is to cool it off.

I hope you will join us to for the 10 Day Nourishing Cleanse today !

Signup with your $28 investment and start your journey today! 

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