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What's New with SYP?


What is the Body of Metaphor Anatomy Training?

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   *  Shanti has recently relocated from Texas back to the beach. She is currently looking for her new Yoga Home in beautiful Southern California! Stay tuned for her 2023 Public Class schedule.


In the meantime, you can reach out to her anytime for trainings, mentorship calls or Yoga Therapy sessions. Looking forward to seeing you soon!


Happy 2023! 


Whats New

Yoga Doesn't Just Change the Way We See Things, It Changes the Person Who Sees. BKS Iyengar


Winter 2020: 

Teacher Trainings start January 2020! 

Click Here for a List of TT's I'm involved in. ❤️

Introduction to Vinyasa  

January 11th, Practice Yoga Austin

YIn + Restorative Training

 with Shanti, Jenn Wooten and Jenny O

 February 7 - 9th, Practice Yoga Austin

Trauma Informed Yoga: 25hr Intensive

 with Shanti, Jenn Wooten and Jenny O

 February 29 - March1st / March 7 - 8th

Castle Hill Fitness


  Spring 2020: 

Psychology of Yoga : Eastern Lens, Western Mind

            March 13 - 15th, 2020 ​​

Annie Carpenter is Back at Practice! Samkrama

            April 23 - 26th, 2020

  Upcoming Workshops and Trainings  


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Left Leg Rising: Blog on Yoga and Anatomy 

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On-line Classes: 

"Practice and All Is Coming."  Pattabhi Jois

"We are All Just Walking Each other Home."  Ram Dass

About Us

Who is Shanti Yoga Practice?

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"Wholeness is Beyond our ability to Control; one can neither lose it nor insist upon it, it is already what we are."  Shantiji

Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy is a Therapeutic Modality that is Centered around the Yogic view of Body and Experiential Consciousness

The Body of Metaphor

A comprehensive and relevant book and study guide on the anatomy and kinesiology of yoga for teachers.  


For more information on Yoga Therapy,

Yoga Anatomy, Mentorship

or to book me for Teacher Trainings

contact SYP at:

Shanti Yoga Practice

Laguna Niguel,  CA

Tel: 310-570-3594


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