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Let's Talk Stretch! Mobility vs Flexibility

Can we talk Stretch?

I was once told that the length of a muscle is as long as it ever was and as long as it every will be?! What?! Is that true?

This got me thinking. I joke that when I started yoga I was both weak and tight….I really had nothing going for me (except willingness) but after 20 years of practice I know I developed some flexibility at least. So what’s the deal, if muscles don’t actually get “longer” how come I can now touch my toes when I once couldn’t?

Essentially there are 2 types of stretch; the type of stretch that moves point A from point B, as in a rubber band stretching away from itself. And the second type of ‘stretch’ that actually gets longer and creates a safe and different expression of ‘end range’.

Both types of stretch have different mechanisms for capacity and limitation. In other words, the reason you can reach as far as you can now vs before (capacity) and why it is you stop where you do (limitation).

The type of stretch in example A where I simply move point A from point B would be an